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In 2012, Dr. Gabriel Mwamba opened up a soup kitchen at his academy ; a feeding scheme to feed the soccer players before they practice. Some of these kids are too poor to afford a meal; Day after day, children arrive for training on an empty stomach. At first we were very strict checking them or asking them to be truthful; to disclose if they didn't eat so we keep them out of training. Most of the kids want to practice even though they are hungry, so they lie to us that they have eaten. We started noticing kids : collapsing , or get cranky, irritable, and other disciplinary issues. We observed a big difference when we're able to feed the kids. However, we need partnerships to run this progressively. 

Our Long term vision is to build an orphanage for our kids who are living in the temporary shelter, a skill training center and develop a nice soccer field to accommodate the kids. The community in Chongwe village has offered us a huge piece of land to develop all these.